Race History

Rally cross in the Mini Cooper

We proudly look back on our rich motorsport heritage, with ‘founding father’ Erik de Jonge starting to compete in rally cross with Mini Coopers back in the early seventies.

‘Founding father’ Erik de Jonge

After Erik paused for a number of years, he returned to the motorsport arena in the eighties, entering the Dutch rally scene with his special Renault 5 turbo (ex Jan Lammers). This car was professionally converted from track racer to a full spec rally car.

The ‘red, white & blue’ Renault 5 Turbo

Following many successes in Dutch rallies- and rally-sprints with his ‘national colored’ red, white and blue Renault 5 turbo, Erik decided to build an even more purposeful version of the same model, in which he and his son Mick de Jonge (as his navigator) proved extremely competitive, signing many group wins to their names in their self-built, very powerful, flame throwing, yellow Renault 5 Turbo.

The more powerful and faster, self-built, Renault 5 Turbo

Around the same time an entirely new league of Japanese four wheel drive rally cars started to appear on the rally stages (Subaru Impreza’s and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s) making it increasingly challenging to remain competitive with the powerful  rear wheel drive, short wheelbase ‘I’ve got a mind of my own’ Renault 5 Turbo.

The rally adventure ended suddenly and abruptly when in one of the Dutch national rallies Erik and Mick went off the road into a ditch at very high speed, rolling the car five times. Both were rushed off to the hospital. This ‘narrow escape’ made them reconsider their future in motorsports.

So of course, while still in the hospital, plans were made on what to do next. The decision was to switch over to (the relatively safer) track racing. Two Renault 21 Turbo EC touring car racers were purchased (ex. Bleekemolen), one of which was prepped while the other was sold on. And there it was; the next fast Renault, in that same signature yellow color, re-entering the Dutch motorsport scene with Erik – and now also Mick – taking turns behind the wheel. The R21T is still competing today. While running it for almost two decades, many races and championships were won.

MTB VCV Magazine
The Renault 21 Turbo EC, still a competitive car today

In 2008 Erik and Mick were joined by Arjan Oudejans, a novice in racing who started to build his experience on the track in a blue Renault Clio I Cup version. From this year onward all racing team activities were joined under the ‘MTB-Motorsport’ banner, a website was launched and team sponsors got engaged.

The Renault Clio I Cup, ideal car to practice & learn

In 2009 Arjan traded in his Clio I Cup for a black Renault Megane Cup version, which he raced for almost six years on many different tracks competing in the DNRT (Dutch National Racing Team) ‘Sports Class’ competition until early 2015

The faster Renault Megane Cup with sequential gearbox

During season 2015 the black Renault Megane Cup was replaced by another Renault model it had raced against so many times over the years; the younger Renault Clio III Cup. In season 2021, a new Clio IV Cup was added to the collection, specifically set-up for endurance races


The Renault Clio III Cup & Clio IV Cup (for endurance races), pics: Thomas Bakker TNA-Fotografie.nl

Today, MTB-Motorsport is still a team of enthusiasts, family, friends and loyal sponsors who enjoy gathering and competing on the famous racetracks across Europe in their fast and iconic Renaults!!